Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful women who love and take care of others, wishing you a lovely day :)

Even though I am a mother myself, Mother's Day always makes me think first of my own mum. A lively, fun and intelligent woman who was always curious about the world. She was fascinated by history and her dream was to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids.

She didn't get to fulfill that wish but she had another which was to be a passenger in a vintage plane. Well, actually her real dream was to be strapped standing on the wing like a stunt woman :)

By a stroke of luck, she won a ticket to go up in a Fairey Swordfish fighter plane. She had to make do with sitting inside it like a regular passenger but had a magical day nonetheless.

I love this photo of her - it captures her spirit of adventure and joy of life. Miss you mum xxx

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